Dancing Our Way to a Sustainable Future

I believe a realistic solution to the sustainability challenges of our time requires a shift in our culture, as our inner world creates our outer world. More specifically, I believe this new culture need to be based on community, as it provides the opportunity to reduce our Ecological Footprint (EF) by sharing resources, while improving our Quality of Life (QoL) through more empowered human connections. I’m interested to explore the values, rituals, stories, and semantics of such Community Culture in this blog: Values affect our attitudes and judgments, shaping our behaviours and actions. Rituals facilitate transformation of our consciousness and are powerful tools for personal and cultural evolution. Stories form the beliefs and life narratives based on which we build our individual and collective objectives. Cultural semantics reflect the conceptual system that conditions our perception and thought process, affecting our actions and interactions. These form the foundations based on which a community culture can be created.

I’m also interested to explore initiatives that can facilitate such cultural transition. I intend to reflect on my realizations and direction as a social entrepreneur for creating such culture. In addition, I’d like to elaborate on the effect of such culture on other aspects of our society such as education, economics, energy, art, science, etc, as changes in the dominant culture affects all aspects of our lives. Following are the general directions that form my explorations:

The Vibe: I believe the sustainability challenge of our times is an opportunity for transition to a lifestyle in which we feel more happy and healthy. A lifestyle in which we trust, support, and inspire each other, and our interests fuels our curiosity and creativity. One that is more simple and clear, yet more beautiful and meaningful. In this blog, I intend to portray such a joyful journey to a sustainable lifestyle.

The Shift: I believe the glory of our analytical mind has negatively affected our emotional development; were our obsession with technology, addiction to media, and the state of our relationship are few of its symptoms. I also believe a more just and mature value system around science and technology can help making better use of our analytical minds, while a lifestyle that is enriched with rituals and artistic expressions can facilitate our emotional healing and growth. In this blog, I wish to reflect upon such a culture that offers more harmony between thinking and feeling.

The Lens: I have lived in three continents and have practiced many cultures and mystic traditions. I’ve been operating a community house since 2010 and have been active as a social entrepreneur since then. I am also a system engineer and scientist, whereas my research is focused on developing diagnostic tools that allow observing and quantifying system failures, in order to develop mitigation and correction strategies.. These shape the emotional and analytical contexts that shape my vision for creating a sustainable future.